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80n Game Studios

Current Job Postings


Please we need someone to help keep us on track. No experience required. No schooling required. No required things.

Marketing specialist

We're so bad at marketing that we aren't sure anyone will see and apply to our marketing position. Maybe you will? Whoever replies first gets the job.

Level designer

We tried making levels but no one likes them. Please make them for us. Oh, and also everything else, too.

Game Programmer

We don't know any programming languages. Applicant must have 30 years experience with all of them.

QA Team

We tried to get people to play our game (at no charge) but no one wants to. Will you tell us we're great at making games?

"Game Design"

We need someone who doesn't know how to do anything except talk about all the great ideas that they have. Someone edgy and dangerous, but also safe to be around.

Guy who can make fun of Chad who makes fun of us

We need someone bigger and tougher than Chad to make fun of him after he makes fun of us. Are you a hardcore bruiser, or good with yo' momma jokes?