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80n Game Studios

Our Team

Jarediah Jimmerson

Resident Artist / Founder

Jared is one of the founding members of our game studio, and intends to change the video game industry through his weird art. We don't really get it.

Brandlefink von Sealserssen


Brandlefink is the other founding member of the group, and the only one who ever seems to be doing anything, even though his game-making skills are pretty low.

Peepaw Gosenfeld

Property owner / grandpa

Our peepaw makes sure that we don't stay up too late browsing reddit, and makes us bowls of lukewarm porridge every single morning.

Abigail Kellersims

Lead Programmer

We still claim that she's a member of our team even though she won't return our calls. She says she wants to make even bigger and better games than what we're currently making, which isn't even possible.


Guy who lives in the basement and makes fun of us as we make games

We tell ourselves he's just our Quality Assurance technician and doesn't mean all of the hurtful things he says, but it still makes us cry.